About Velvet Dynamite


“Lately it seems like most music played on the radio is just overproduced crap with no real significance other than to make a quick sale. Going into a studio and spending a fortune on trying to make your record sound 'perfect'... that's not rock and roll! Why should you stress out over every little piece sounding flawless at the expense of character? Fuck auto tune! Rock and roll, as we know it, was built on vocals broken by cigarettes and whiskey, the sound of old, cheap guitars cast aside by those long forgotten and amps that have been slashed to bits on the whim of a madman with a razor blade. Rock and roll is the perfection in the imperfections of those who have the balls to fight for what they want regardless of what some twat on TV says.”

- Darren Smyth, Velvet Dynamite



Formed in late 2013 in the midlands of Ireland, Velvet Dynamite released various demos over the year that followed, with the intention of gaining experience in the process of writing, recording and releasing music for its growing fanbase. Characterised by layers upon layers of fuzz driven guitars and synths, these demos utilized simple riffs, dissonant drones, and almost monotone vocals with an aim to bring about a rebellious state of unrest in an otherwise bland music scene that seems to have taken over many of the towns of Ireland. Following the release of these demos, Darren, the founding member and sole songwriter for the band, spent the subsequent year writing, recording and producing various songs for a double EP which was then released in December 2016. Drawing on a wide variety of film, art and musical influences, this set of EPs marks the debut official release of the band and also, with an album currently in the making, the start of many things to come.


Velvet Dynamite